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Miniature hydraulic station

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Miniature hydraulic station投注平台,正规投注平台,国家正规彩票投注平台

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Miniature hydraulic station


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Miniature hydraulic station


Labeling methods:


In this mini-hydraulic stations string of characters for example HL L 160 ED 2.2 G:
HL-pump station
L-structure: L = Set vertical; W = SRE horizontal; B = side-mounted
160 - Fuel tank capacity (l)
E-Pressure Rating: No tag = 6.3MPa; E = 16MPa; F = 21MPa; H = 31.5MPa
D-pump type: D = single-stage vane pump; S = two-stage vane pump; B = variable vane pump; C = gear pump; Z = Piston
2.2-motor power (kw)
G-loop connection: No tag = Manifold type; G = pipeline connecting the plate element
Mark example: motor - pump unit on a vertical position, fuel tank capacity 160 liters, single-stage pump, motor power 2.2 kW, working pressure 6.3MPa manifold type hydraulic pump station. Can be labeled as: HLL160-D2.2


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