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        Fast hydraulic machine

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        Fast hydraulic machine


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        Fast hydraulic machine


        Introduction :


        Fast hydraulic machine is a hydraulic oil as a dedicated working medium through the pump as a power source , by the force of the hydraulic oil into the pump cylinder / piston via a hydraulic line , and the cylinder / piston seal , there are several sets of mutually cooperating , sealing is different in different locations , but plays the sealing function , the hydraulic oil can not leak. Finally, a one-way valve in the hydraulic oil tank circulation to the cylinder / piston cycle to complete certain mechanical action acting as a mechanical productivity.
        Most fast hydraulic machine consists of two hosts and control agencies. Fast hydraulic machine host part of the body including the master cylinder , the top of the cylinder and liquid-filled devices. Power sector by the fuel tank, high pressure pumps, low voltage control systems, motors and all kinds of pressure valves and directional valves and other components. Power sector under the control of electrical devices , achieved through a variety of pumps and hydraulic cylinders and valves of energy conversion, regulation and transport , completing the cycle of various craft movement.




        1 , is divided into : Four- fast hydraulic machine ( three -beam four- , five -beam four- ) , double-column fast hydraulic machine , single column fast hydraulic machine (C -shaped structure ) , fast frame hydraulic machines.
        2 , divided into metal forming fast hydraulic machine , hydraulic bending machine quickly , drawing fast hydraulic machine , punching fast hydraulic machine , powder ( metal and nonmetal ) forming fast hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine press-fit fast , fast hydraulic machine extrusion , extrusion molding , etc. .


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