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        Servo Presses

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        Servo Presses


        Advantage :


        Servo press 6 major product the following advantages:
        A stroke five -speed precision press-fit ;
        2 , online press-fit mass determination ;
        3 , press-fit curve shows ;
        4 , seven kinds of press-fit models to choose from ;
        5,100 sets of press-fit program can be set ;
        6, the press-fit the data transfer and storage.


        Applicable advantages:


        Servo presses precise pressure and displacement precision closed-loop control characteristics , the press can not be compared to other types of ; compared to traditional pneumatic, hydraulic presses, energy savings of over 80%, and more environmentally friendly , safe and able to meet clean room equipment requirements ; crimping force and displacement whole process graph can be displayed on the LCD screen ; whole process control can be carried out at any stage of the job automatically determine whether the product is qualified, 100% real-time removal of defective products , thus achieve online quality management.
        Press-fit force , indentation depth , the pressure mounted speed , dwell time , and all other values ​​can be entered on the operator panel , user-friendly, easy to operate ; may be customized , storage, call 100 sets of press-fit program ; seven crimping modes to choose from to meet your process requirements ; through an external port to connect a computer , can be press-fit the data stored in the computer, processing data to ensure traceability , ease of production quality control management .
        Since the servo press itself has a precise pressure and displacement control function, so no additional tooling and hard limit on , just call different press-fit program processed products with different specifications , so you can easily achieve a multi-purpose and flexible set of lines .


        Servo press features:


        1 , the outer tube can be individually adjusted up and down the shaft ;
        2 , quick and easy replacement of the mold , increase capacity , double bench rotation job ;
        3 , for different plane heights riveting points automatically adjust rivet head height ;
        4, XYZ axis servo precise positioning ;
        5 , teach programming , easy to operate ;
        6, high degree of automation, effectively preventing leakage nails ;
        7, the maximum capacity of 8mm riveting rivets , rivet recommend using 5.5mm or less to achieve the best value for money.


        Servo press show :


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