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      Hydraulic machine hydraulic system

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      Category:Hydraulic system

      Hydraulic machine hydraulic system


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      Hydraulic machine hydraulic system




      1 , hydraulic machine hydraulic system activity for beam travel speed depends on the amount of fluid pumps , regardless of the process of forging deformation resistance . If the liquid supply pump is constant , then the operating speed hydraulic machine hydraulic system is constant .
      2 , the liquid pressure pump and the power consumed by the deformation resistance of the workpiece on the work deformation resistance, for the fluid pressure pump and the power consumption is large , whereas the smaller.
      3, the basic investment, small footprint, simple routine maintenance and upkeep . Direct transmission of hydraulic pump according to the maximum operating speed and pressure hydraulic machine hydraulic system is selected , and the oil pressure in the hydraulic system of fluid-filled trip, return , support processes and the required working pressure is small, the pump will not fully utilized, especially large -tonnage hydraulic machine hydraulic system , its utilization factor is very low. Therefore , hydraulic machine hydraulic system tends to work grading speed and pressure transmission .
      4 , available activities and the pump beam travel speed is constant pressure for the fluid characteristics change as a signal splitter to manipulate in order to achieve automatic control of hydraulic machine hydraulic system.


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