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          Large hydraulic station

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          Large hydraulic station投注平台,正规投注平台,国家正规彩票投注平台

          Category:Hydraulic system

          Large hydraulic station


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          Large hydraulic station


          Oil and working conditions :


          Recommend the use of large hydraulic station 32 # and 46 # hydraulic oils . Optimum oil temperature is 30 ~ 55 ℃, prohibit running when the oil temperature is below 15 ℃ or more than 60 ℃, to regulate the oil temperature can be heated or cooled in advance . Hydraulic oil is generally used 1 to 6 months should be replaced once , and cleaning the tank , remove dirt and dust. Hydraulic drive the most taboo dirty oil deterioration, otherwise dust lay on the oil filter , resulting in increased noise , so that the pump lower life expectancy, so to keep the oil clean .
          External electrical control lines introduced by the electrical box , please pay special attention should be consistent with the direction of motor rotation arrows on large hydraulic pump station identified . Large hydraulic control voltage solenoid valve : AC solenoids typically ~ 220V, DC electromagnet is 24V, the control voltage must be consistent with the electromagnet shown signs of phase . For solenoid valve with short-term memory components should energize .


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