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          Kitchenware molding machine

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          Kitchenware molding machine


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          Kitchenware molding machine


          Introduction :


          Molding machines , also known as auto-complete box machine is the unpacking , forming, bending under the bottom hinge . And to complete the next section is currently taped, the quartet built a cardboard box board to open the bottom of the box by a certain program equivalent , and transported to the packing machine tape sealed after use of special equipment . Automatic carton forming machines, automatic box machine , kitchen machine is a high-volume automatic carton out of the box , automatically converted under cover, self-sealing tape under the bottom of the line equipment, machinery used in all PLC + display control , greatly facilitate the operation is automated scale production of essential equipment.




          ⑴, kitchenware machine adopts imported PLC computer mainframe computer chips, matching LCD screen, software fault diagnostic system backup and error correction features that make operation more convenient, its control procedures designed to fool without professional training to operate posts .
          ⑵, kitchen molding machine hydraulic drive , with no domestic first -class hydraulic FM technology to solve a variety of materials for kitchen machine and block -based fitness and improve the compactness of the material and shorten the molding cycle.


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