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Wire spiral hydraulic machine

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Wire spiral hydraulic machine


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Wire spiral hydraulic machine




Jinhualong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu R & D cooperation with Tsinghua University, completed 1200-5000 tons of large wire spiral hydraulic machine, with advanced "overall - precisely forming" technology, superb technology, widely used in cookware, ceramics, automotive sheet metal, water and other large-tonnage press-fit, molded, custom-made according to the actual requirements of the product.
Wire spiral hydraulic press to break the seal support structure under 100MPa high pressure conditions, the structure 550 ~ 600kg high tension wire winding technology seals prestressing material applications, racks, cylinder, double-acting continuous high flow high pressure booster unit and manufacturing process, a special high pressure control valves and other technical problems, job stress, precision molding, nominal power are ahead of similar products.


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