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Hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system

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Hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system


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Hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system


How it works:


Hydraulic system hydraulic cylinders, clamping mechanism for the lever principle , piston Bachu is clamped state , the clamping force is greater than the angle cylinder , mounted on the cylinder main body parts outside , easy to maintain. Hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system is driven by a hydraulic fixture for special machines and tooling production parts , can significantly improve the machining, assembly, welding and other tooling fixture degree of automation. CNC machine tools , machining centers in particular, to improve the efficiency of integrated clamping element indispensable , but also used for welding and assembly fixtures . It is small , powerful , space-saving , holding fast, accurate positioning, can basically be considered fixtures class manipulator .
In conjunction with the machine the workpiece clamping fast , fast turn on , for the production of fast-paced, high- precision machining of workpieces occasions . Hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system working process , first complete the rotating piston stroke - under the pressure of the pressure and rotate the arm to the required position and angle of the design , and then complete the clamping stroke - that is straight under pressure and clamp the workpiece. Workpiece clamping pressure arm before leaving the workpiece. Workpiece installed, the cutting arm rotation is controlled by changing the pressure above the workpiece , and then vertically downward linear motion of the workpiece clamping ; When you release the workpiece clamping pressure arm automatically according to the route to return to its original position so that pieces start operation who can successfully facilitate removing the workpiece.
By hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system installation can be divided into the flange pedestal and lower flange socket , external thread installation ; connected by pipeline can be divided into plate and add the oil pipeline type . When a user selection, in addition to considering what kind of power source selection , installation , piping connections , the main reference the required clamping force , support force , according to the type corner cylinder marked clamping force , support force, choose a size different angle cylinder . Hydraulic systems use a hydraulic cylinder , the cylinder is fixed in the corner of the table , with hydraulic pumps, filters, valves, valve, lubricator, solenoid valves , relief valves, piping and fittings accessories , the tubing can be connected to the corner . Pipe fittings according to actual needs .


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